Testimonial for the developer mentorship of Highrise Digital

Hi, my name is Eugene and I’m currently working as a project manager for Indigo Tree Digital.

Last year I wanted to learn more about development and when I heard Highrise Digital was about to start their first mentorship for WordPress developers I applied right away. I knew Keith and Mark from meetups and WordCamps, they used to and still give technical talks, so I was confident they were very knowledgeable about development. They actually complement each other quite well since Mark is more back end whereas Keith deals a lot with front end.

I found the mentorship extremely informative, not only because I was able to share my thoughts and ask any questions but also because I was exposed to queries from the other attendees. That gave me a broader insight of what issues other people might face.

I also liked the format a lot. Google hangout is not just a way to share your ideas but also a way to build your confidence talking about technical concepts with people you never met before.

The mentorship also included a Slack channel on which we could ask for help at any time.

Moreover, as time went by, I realised that we were all at different levels and came from different background with different experience. It was nice to notice that we could help each other independently of Mark and Keith.

The time they dedicated to us was very generous, if I recall right we went on for 12 weeks, each session was between 60 to 90 minutes.

A few months after the mentorship was over, I coincidentally bumped into most of the attendees at WordCamp Manchester. I was nice to meet them in person.

Sometimes I wish I could work less and catch up with everyone else.

The only downside of the whole experience is that you can’t attend twice but they were kind enough to keep us on the Slack channel so if there is anything we need to know we can always ask.

I’d like to thank yet again Keith and Mark for setting this up, running it in a very casual yet professional manner, I learnt a lot and would recommend it to anyone.

Learn more about the mentorship here.